Wyn-Toys only made toy vehicles where as Boomaroo made toys for Boys and Girls.

Wyn-Toys made a range of pressed steel vehicles in competition with other Australian manufacturers such as Boomaroo and overseas toy companies such as the Buddy-L and Tri-ang.

 If  you have any information about this brand, or pictures of other Wyn-Toys / Boomaroo toys, please let us know.   

Wyn toys were only sold in Australia and New Zealand. Perhaps this it the reason why these toys are very rare and collectable with a high value if it is in a good shape.

Lot's of the Wyn- toys lost for example the grill. This grill is very fragile and made of thin steel.

Roger Beck is an enthusiast pressed steel collector from Oragon U.S.A.

He has an impressive Boomaroo / Wyn Toys collection and was so kind to sent me detailed pictures of his models.  Coming weeks I'll add these pictures to this page.

Roger Thank for this great addition!

Roger's motto:

"Collecting is the acquisition of memories in solid form"


Fire truck

27 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm


1954 Push Along series.

This toy was advertised in The Retailer in 1954 and advertised as ‘A sturdy tinplate push along sedan car printed in three colours’.   Friction drive, 12.7cm long. 


19.. Series





This Wyn Toy push and go Petrol Truck is identical to the one Boomaroo produced.  177 mm long


19?? 6 wheel Series


Sand and Gravel Dump truck (length 32,5 cm)



Hydraulic dump truck (length 32,5 cm)


Dump truck with shovel




Mobile Telescoping Crane (lenght 37 cm)

Karen and Kyle Rogers thanks for the pictures!


1950 Mobile Conveyor 28cm x 13cm x 21,5 cm

With a movable scoop transfers load to moving conveyor belt, which deposits the load in a truck for removal.


Early Auto transporter ( Lenghte 59 cm)


Later Auto transporter


Low loader


                                                                                                     Playmatic series


     Playmatic Breakdown service

pictures from Nicole Burnard. Thank you Nicole.

Instead of a the side mirror the hole is covered with caps ....


Wyn-Toy Jeep and Trailer c1960, (Willys Motors USA approval on box), made of pressed metal construction with plastic interior, various tyres and opening trailer tailgate. Australian collector Chuck Gartrell send me pictures of a jeep with rare white tyres. Wyn toy put various tyres on their jeeps.

Various tyres:


                                                                                                 Earth movers

As Boomaroo, Wyn toys produced several models in the earth mover series. This Dump truck ( thank you David and Jean Paul) was only produced by Wyn toys. ( and Nylint U.S.A.)  Size: 320 mm x 16 mm x 16 mm

The Wyn toy grader is also different to the Boomaroo one.

                                                                                                 Shovel -Loader

This Wyn toys shovel is like the Dump truck a specific Wyn toy design.. The dimensions are: 270 mm x 137 mm x 101 mm.

It has the playmatic "tyre" decal on the shovel.


This Wyn toys grader is indentical to the Boomaroo Tourna grader.




Our N.Z. friend and fellow collector, Peter Jack , provided this information about Lincoln Toys:

Lincoln was an New Zealand firm which operated from early 50’s (I think) till late 70’s / early 80’s; they did several businesses including Toys – with the motto “Boy Oh Boy ! It’s a Lincoln Toy !” – and they also had a general plastrics factory.

They imported many toys and also made a lot in their Auckland factory – including trucks which they may have got from Wyn as kitsets and painted + assembled here., and they made the wheels here with “Lincoln” on them. 

A nice sample is the Jeep and trailer on the pictures below. The Jeep and trailer is identical to the Wyn jeep. It has Lincoln decals and wheels .

Attached is a pic of 3 ‘Lincolns’ including a very rare Fire Truck – the ladder mechanism looks German so maybe they imported them as parts also. My Australia contacts cannot remember Wyn selling such a model in Australia.

Also pictures of the grill of the big hydraulic tipper truck – with the “W” of Wyn in  the middle; and the wheel & door both with ‘Lincoln’ on them.

Lincoln Grader

pictures from Bill Elder